Map of proposed changes

#1 Run every 10-15 minutes

#2 Merge with #149 (see below)

#3 Extend to Pedley via Arlington, Van Buren

#16 Current route between Riverside and Day St/Campus Pkwy, then via
Moreno Valley Mall, Eastridge, Day, Allesandro, I-15 to Perris, Sun City (via
route of current #27), then south to Murrietta and Temecula.

#19 Via #16 route to Day/Campus, then through MV Mall, Fredrick, Sunnymead,
then south on Perris Blvd to Perris (also serving RCC Moreno Valley and Riverside
County Regional Med Center.

(#16 and #19 will combine to provide 15-minute service between Downtown
Riverside and the Moreno Valley Mall)

#20 Extend to San Jacinto and Hemet

#22,#27 Operate only between Riverside and Perris; provide 30-minute headway
on both these lines.

#24 New route between Perris and Lake Elsinore (following current #22), then via Riverside and Grand to Inland Valley Med Ctr.

#28 New Route between Lake Elsinore and Murrietta/Temecula, using part of
current #23 in the Murrietta area.

#25, #45 New route via route of #25, then via La Cadena to Colton and
#45 San Bernardino County Hospital. Combines with #25 along Iowa St.
corridor to provide 30-minute headway along this segment.

#29 Extend from Pedley to Norco via Limonite, I-15, and route of #3 to Corona,
then via route #2 to Corona industrial area.

#31 Operate between Perris and Hemet (direct, no service to Sun City), then
via current #31 route to Beaumont/Banning

#32 Local route in Hemet, serving Southwest Hemet, Hemet Valley Mall, Downtown
Hemet, and County Admin. Center. (Service to Valle Vista provided by new #39)

#33 New route between downtown Lake Elsinore, Quail Valley, Sun City,
Winchester and Hemet

#36 Several modifications:
a. extend via I-60 to serve Moreno Valley Hospital, Riverside County Med Center
b. reroute in Beaumont to serve Beaumont Bl. and 14th St, then current route
c. in Yucaipa, loop via 5th, Yucaipa Bl, 3rd St.

#48 New route through Rubidoux ("Belltown" area of #29), then north through
Bloomington to Fontana (Kaiser Hosp)

#49 Extend to Ontario Mills Mall; provide 30-minute headway

#100,#110 Operate on a 30-minute headway

#140 New route: Riverside, Pedley (limited stops on Mission/Limonite), then via I- 15, SR-60 and SR-71 to Cal Poly Pomona (connection to buses serving Downtown LA)

#149 Combine with #2: Express between Downtown Riverside and Tyler Mall,
local between Tyler Mall and Corona (West Corona Metrolink), then express
to Mall of Orange via current route. Run at least every 60-minutes. Some
additional peak hour service to run direct to Orange via SR-91 express lanes.
Superbuses to be reallocated to #140 and #160.

#160 New Route: Riverside-Moreno Valley Mall-Beaumont-Banning-Cabazon-
Palm Springs.
Absorbs current RTA #16,#35 and the proposed Sunline Transit "Sunlink"
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