Service Suggestions and Response to 1998 South Coast Transit Plan

No changes from SRTP proposals on: 1,5,8,10,14,22,27

Line 2: Reroute to serve St. Francis Hospital (via Garden, Micheltorena, Salsipuedes) at least when #22 isn't running.

Line 3: As per SRTP, reroute out of Downtown, and toward Westside/SBCC

Line 4: (New Line) From Downtown (or through-routed with #20 Local) via State to
La Cumbre Plaza, then via US-101 and SR-217 to Hollister, then via Hollister, Fairview,
(Airport) to UCSB. #4 would also extend directly from UCSB to Family Housing.

Lines 6, 11 and 16:
1. Extend #6 along Hollister west of Downtown Goleta, to Storke/Hollister
2.From Storke/Hollister, both #6 and #11 operate as Line #18, via the Hollister/Elwood/Winchester Cyn loop. Service in both directions along this loop is provided.
3. Do not through route with Carpinteria routes. Instead, extend by route of current #16 from Transit Center into SBCC.

Line 7,15:
The two lines are identical. All service should be designated Line #7 (but using the #15 routing in I.V), freeing up #15 for another service. Consider acquiring articulated buses for use on this route.

Line 9: Create a "Central Goleta Shuttle" from Line #9 and the proposed Airport shuttle

Line 12: Extended to provide express service between Carpinteria, Downtown Santa Barbara, La Cumbre Plaza, County Medical Center, Downtown Goleta, Camino Real Plaza and Buellton (connection with developing countywaide service). Runs 30 minues peak, 60 minutes off-peak. (Combined service of #12 and #40 between Carpinteria and Goleta would be 15-minutes peak, 30 minutes off peak).

Line 14: Optionally, extend #14 to Brooks Institute and Westmont College

Line 15 : Designation for the proposed "Westside-Goleta Express" route. Also consider through-routing this with new #26 (q.v.).
Current #15 service (Mesa/UCSB) designated Line #7

Line 16: Through-routed with #6 and #11, q.v.

Line 17 : Designation for the proposed "Mesa Loop Shuttle"

Line 18 : Through-routed with #6 and #11, q.v.

Line 20: Through-route with proposed new line #4, rather than #6 or #11

Line 21 : Designation for the proposed "Cultural Attractions Shuttle"

Line 23: Service replaced by Line 18 (actually extensions of #11 and #6).

Line 24: Operate between Downtown and Hollister/Storke (Camino Real Marketplace) via UCSB, El Colegio. Operate service every 15-minutes during peak hours. Consider acquiring articulated buses for use on this route. Consider running later into the evening as well.

Line 25 : Largely replaced by #6/11/18, above. Some service to IV and UCSB handled by new #4 and modified #28.

Line 26: Santa Barbara-Fairview Express, replacing current #26 (North Fairview). Also consider through routing with #15 (by extending Fairview end via Calle Real and Storke to Camino Real Marketplace)

Line 28 : Modify the ASUCSB shuttle to
1. serve the various shuttle stops (in addition to the North Hall bus stop) on campus
2. if possible, enter IV via a new bus-only gate near the IV Theaters
3. serve the IV shopping area along Embarcardero Del Mar
4. serve both Family Student Housing and Santa Ynez Housing
5. continue along Los Carneros and Hollister to
Service should be provided at least every 20-minutes throughout the day.

Line 29: Designation for the Crosstown Shuttle
Alternate choices for Crosstown Shuttle:

A. Through-route with #1/2 at route terminals

B. Extend route via either, or both of the following:
  1. From Cabrillo Blvd, extend via Hot Springs, Coast Village, S. Jameson, San Ysidro, East Valley, Sheffield and N. Jameson, absorbing the East Montecito Shuttle (#35).

  2. From San Andres, extend via Modoc, Hidden Valley, Modoc, La Cumbre to
    La Cumbre Plaza.

Line 30,31,32,34: Designation for the Downtown Shuttle.

Line 33: Designation for the Cottage Hospital Shuttle

Line 35 : Designation for the Goleta Feeder Shuttle

Line 36 : Designation for the:Goleta Noon Hour Shuttle

Line 38 : Designation for the Patterson/Turnpike shuttle. Consider extending into Downtown Goleta via Hollister, Fairview, Calle Real back to Patterson.

Line 39 : Designation for the East Montecito Shuttle.

Line 40: New line providing express service from Ventura (Buenaventura Plaza) to Carpinteria, Downtown Santa Barbara, La Cumbre Plaza, County Medical Center, Downtown Goleta, and Camino Real Plaza. Runs 30 minues peak, 60 minutes off-peak. (Combined service of #12 and #40 between Carpinteria and Goleta would be 15-minutes peak, 30 minutes off peak).

Line 42 : Carpinteria-Goleta Express. (Possibly, selected trips also extended to Ventura as well).

Line 45,46,47 : Designation for the Carpinteria Shuttles

Line 50,51 : Designation for the Downtown Santa Barbara Commuter Lot shuttles

Other Countywide Services
The North County cities (Buellton, Lompoc, Santa Maria, Solvang) along with the County of Santa Barbara, are considering various intercity transit services. In fact, a route that links all of the north county cities has been operating for about a year, although service and access to it is very limited.

Current services include:

Santa Maria Area Transit: Eight local routes serving Santa Maria, Orcutt (County) and Guadalupe.

Lompoc Transit: Dial-a-ride service in Lompoc and adjacent County areas. Consideration is being given to replacing some or all of the Lompoc Transit service with fixed route service.

Santa Ynez Valley Transit: One fixed route between Buellton and Los Olivos, plus dial-a-ride service in this area.

North County Clipper: Limited intercity service connecting Santa Maria, Los Alamos, Solvang, Buellton, Lompoc and Vandenberg

Clean Air Express: Commuter bus pool from Lompoc, Santa Maria, Buellton and Solvang to Goleta and Santa Barbara. Another line connects Goleta and Santa Barbara with Ventura County. This service is financed by the Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District.

Central Coast Area Transit: Connecting service between Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo County.

Additionally, there are a number of specialized transport services, primarily oriented towards seniors, the disabled, or medical trips, operating throughout the county.

Currently, there is only minimal effort in coordinating these services with each other, and with the SBMTD. In fact, countywide transit service planning and provision have been stymied due to concerns over who would manage the services, as well as concerns about funding and related issues.

In order to improve countywide transit connections, perhaps a countywide agency could be considered. Such an agency could be implimented by:
Whatever form it takes, a unified countywide transit agency should initially operate the following intercity routes

Line #12 (Carpinteria-Santa Barbara-La Cumbre-Goleta-Buellton Express) as described earlier.

A route connecting Buellton, Lompoc, Vandenberg AFB, Orcutt and Santa Maria. This route would provide hourly service all day.

Another route connecting Buellton, Solvang, the upper Santa Ynez Valley, Los Alamos,
Orcutt and Santa Maria, also running hourly all day.

Both intercity routes would connect with Line #12 in Buellton, for service between North and South County.

These services would be in addition to the current "Clean Air Express" lines, which would also be brought under the jurisdiction of the new agency.
Applicable sections of California Public Utilities Code, Division 10 (Transit Districts)

96750. Territory may be annexed to the district in the manner provided
in this chapter.

96751. Whenever the board finds and determines that additional
territory will be benefited by annexation to the district, it shall pass
a resolution to that effect.

96752. The resolution shall be passed by a vote of two-thirds of the
members of the board and be approved by the board of supervisors of the
county in which the territory is situated.

96753. The resolution shall:
(a) Describe the boundaries of the territory proposed to be annexed.
(b) Designate the proposed annexation by an appropriate name.
(c) Declare that the area to be annexed to the district will be
benefited by such annexation.
(d) Name the time and place for the hearing of objections by any person
interested in the proposed annexation.

96754. The resolution, together with the names of the members of the
board, voting for and against it shall be published pursuant to Section
6066 of the Government Code in a newspaper published in the territory
proposed to be annexed, or if there is no such paper, then in some
newspaper of general circulation, circulated in such territory.

96755. On the day fixed for hearing or any day to which the hearing is
adjourned, the board shall hear and consider any objections presented to
the annexation of the territory. After thc hearing of objections, if it
shall be determined by a vote of two-thirds of all the members of the
board that the territory proposed to be anncxcd will be benefited by
such annexation, the board shall proceed to fix and determine the
boundaries of the territory to be annexed to the district.

96756. After making all necessary and proper changes in the
boundaries, by a resolution passed by a vote of two-thirds of the
members, the board shall order the annexation of the territory so
described. The resolution, together with the names of the members of the
board voting for and against the same shall be spread upon the minutes
of the board.

96757. Whenever any territory is annexed to the district it shall
thereupon become a part of the district subject to all the liabilities
and entitled to all the benefits of the district.

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