Welcome to IV, where the real education begins....

First day of school at UCSB, Fall 1983. Once I settled in a bit, I grabbed my bike and started riding on the bike path through the center of campus, passing Storke Tower, etc.
At the edge of campus, I noticed an overpass. Intrigued, I sped up and passed through it....and found myself in a whole new world.

I found myself riding, not on a bike path anymore, but in the middle of a real street. There were a few cars, but mostly bicycles, bicycles, and more bicycles being ridden all over the street. Just like those old pictures of Beijing, China. Cars crossing Pardall were stopped, waiting as if for a train to pass, while the stream of bicycles zoomed by.

On the left, there was the Delta Tau Delta frat house. I didn't really deal with frats much, but I mention this one because
a. I and about 4 other guys did an "air guitar" gig there in Spring 1984
b. A roommate of mine actually joined them (but kept on living with us....maybe the house was full or something). Anyway....

On the right, there was a planter full of cactuses. (The county removed it within a few months, citing liability if someone fell into it and got pricked...) and a dead Taco Bell.
(In late Spring of 1984, the TB was torn down and replaced with a Subway sandwich shop, a (pre-Starbucks) coffee shop, an ice-cream store, and a Chinese restaurant that served dishes such as "Beef Isla Vista" and "Shrimp UCSB".)

College students lived on two things, pizza and beer.There were four places to get pizza:


Entertainment and clubs



There were two record stores (anyone still remember when record stores sold....well, records???)




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